ultrasound diagnostics
Examination of children using ultrasound has a number of advantages compared to other types of research: it is safe, painless, fast and most importantly – informative.
Pediatric probes
The child's body has features of development and structure, for a child's ultrasound it is necessary to have special pediatric sensors with a high frequency and better resolution, since for the examination of a child the viewing depth should be 5-10 cm.
Advantages of early diagnosis

The bigger picture

Early diagnosis of traumatic complications in children allows you to supplement the doctor's examination and X-ray examination and determine the amount of therapy and indications for hospitalization.
Acceleration of diagnostics
The possibility of ultrasound at the place of examination of a small patient, both planned and with clinical manifestations of the disease, will accelerate differential diagnosis and referral to a specialized specialist of the child.

Detection of hidden anomalies
Ultrasound screening in neonatal practice is especially important for a young child to identify hidden congenital malformations after birth and screening examination after discharge home

The described advantages of early diagnosis in children's practice become easier in the presence of a portable ultrasound device "SmartScan 15" that allows you to carry out the necessary diagnostics anywhere.