Еmergency care

Practical ultrasonography
The cornerstone of the quality of medical care is the speed and accuracy of diagnosis, especially when the situation concerns life-threatening conditions at various stages of medical care.
Portable ultrasound systems "SmartScan" significantly expand the possibilities of bedside diagnostics, and ultrasound diagnostics is already being used at the pre-hospital stage.
Emergency medical teams use portable ultrasound scanners to diagnose life-threatening conditions during medical care outside medical institutions.
Currently, there is an active trend towards integrating focal ultrasound assessment into the practice of doctors of various specialties who have not previously used ultrasound in their hands. First of all, this process is actively developing in the direction of anesthesiology and intensive care.
Protocols such as the eFast protocol for assessing patients with polytrauma, or the RUSH protocol for diagnosing the causes of shock and hypotension in intensive care units, allow you to gain an advantage in diagnosing and saving patients' lives.
An additional powerful tool in the hands of a clinician is lung ultrasonography, a method that was not previously available to many specialists, is now increasingly taking its position as a necessary tool complementing the classical methods of examination, palpation, percussion and auscultation.
Due to its light weight and performance in the "laptop transformer" form factor, the ultrasound scanner "SmartScan" can be used in:
  • ambulances;
  • helicopters and planes of civil and military air ambulance;
  • outpatient medicine
  • The Ministry of Emergency Situations at disaster sites, accidents and evacuation routes,
  • hospital wards, etc.
Such ultrasound imaging techniques are currently the "gold standard" in a multidisciplinary hospital and compliance with the continuity of patient care during hospitalization of patients.